Who We Are


The Coalition for Lifesaving Epinephrine Auto-injector Responsibility (CLEAR) is a growing coalition of the concerned public, non-profits, industry stakeholders, and well-known musicians, athletes, and activists who are making their voices heard to ensure epinephrine auto-injectors (EAI’s) are readily accessible on commercial aircraft. 

Recent life-threatening occurrences of multiple passengers on commercial airlines having suffered an allergic attack have elevated the critical, urgent need for the U.S. Congress to begin considering how best to ensure passengers on commercial airplanes have access to lifesaving epinephrine auto-injectors.

Currently, these epinephrine auto-injectors are not stocked on, and therefore not readily accessible to, passengers on commercial airlines. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only requires airlines to carry “medical grade” (needle, syringe) version of epinephrine which requires medical oversight.”

This outdated and ineffectual method must be updated so that commercial aircraft is stocked with epinephrine auto-injectors for passengers who suffer attacks on commercial airlines. 

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